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Invest in Your Future

At Upskilla, investing in your future has never been easier! We offer multiple options for you to fund your tuition so that you can access our world-class education and support, regardless of your financial situation.

Payment without the hassle

At Upskilla, we pride ourselves on being able to offer multiple payment options to suit everyone and their situations. No matter what option you choose, it won't affect the training you receive during the course.

Future Earnings Agreement

Small upfront payment of £200 then pay nothing until you are earning £25,000. 36 monthly repayments of 8% gross earnings.
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Open to UK Citizens
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£200 up-front payment
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36 monthly payments
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8% of gross earnings

Interest-Free Loan

Spread the cost of your tuition over 2-10 months with a completely interest-free loan.
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Open to UK Citizens
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No up-front payment
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2-10 month installments
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Interest free

Pay Up-front

One up-front payment of the course cost - the perfect option for those who have the means to immediately invest in their future.
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Available worldwide
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Pay by debit or credit card
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10% discount 
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14-day grace period

Future Earnings Agreement with StepEx

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As part of its commitment to inclusivity, Upskilla is making our courses available for an upfront payment of only £200 rather than the upfront payment of full tuition fees.

If you choose this option, the balance of your course fees will be replaced by a commitment to repay a share of your earnings for 36 months once you are in employment.

The minimum total amount paid per course is £200 and no repayment is required when your gross annual earnings are below £25,000. This means the total amount paid for a course varies depending on how much you earn after your course ends.

A Future Earnings Agreement is a regulated credit contract provided by StepEx Lender Ltd, an authorised lender by the Financial Conduct Authority (FRN 824928). The actual amount you will repay under a Future Earnings Agreement will vary based on what you earn. This means the APR can be as high as 227% if you earn at least £1,200,000 per annum, if you earn less the amount you repay, and the actual APR will be lower and may be 0 or less than 0. For full details please see the application page on StepEx’s website. The above summary of terms has been prepared and authorised by StepEx Lender Ltd. To apply for a Future Earnings Agreement please click the below link which will direct you to the application form available on StepEx’s website.

  • Open to UK citizens accepted on
    our courses

  • £200 upfront payment

  • 36 monthly repayments of 8% gross earnings

  • Providing access for all to quality education

  • World-class education & support


Pay Upfront

If you've got the means to invest in your future immediately or be supported by your employer, this is the option for you. One up-front payment of £4,000 (inc VAT) and get a 10% discount on the cost when you pay upfront!

  • £4,000 (inc VAT)

  • One simple payment

  • 10% discount

  • No contract, no instalments

  • 14-day grace period

  • World-class education & support


At Upskilla, we offer flexible, affordable tuition so that you can achieve your goals without breaking the bank. Whether you choose to pay up-front, finance with a learner loan or pay back a share of your future income, you'll receive the same world-class education and learner support from our team.

Refer a friend to Upskilla and you'll both get £250 off the cost of your course! Speak to our team to find out more

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